About Us

BAKD | Crypto Crowdfunding & Professional Networking

"Building your dream project just got a little bit easier, better yet -- investing in crypto just got a little bit safer"

Crypto Crowdfunding & Professional Networking Platform

BAKD is a platform for entrepreneurs and projects of any size to network, raise funds, find team members, as well as learn -- all in one place while they build out their next great idea.

BAKD not only gives startups the capital they need to succeed, but we instill a sense of confidence among our members, all while providing them the tools they'll need to succeed. All of this is made possible by way of the BAKD Cryptocurrency Protocol. BAKD Coins are used to both invest in campaigns, as well as to pay campaign disbursements to project/campaign owners.

BAKD is a place where investors can feel safe investng in cryptocurrency startups. No longer will we have to wonder where our hard-earned money is going, or if a project is really meetng it's deadlines and milestones. With BAKD, if project milestones are not met, and/or the project becomes abandoned, all remaining investor funds are returned to the original investor. Invest with confidence.